Statement of Purpose

The goal of TVTAC’s Accessibilities Subcommittee is to enable every alcoholic to be an active participant in the group, without emphasizing differences. The most important fact to keep in mind is that all alcoholics- whether deaf, blind, homebound, or with other disabilities-want to be part of the whole.

A.A. members throughout the Fellowship are discovering that the common bond of recovery can transcend the barriers of physical disabilities. Both groups and members can become more aware of A.A. members who need specific kinds of help. While there are no special A.A. members, many members have access and functional needs.

While there are no special A.A. members, many members have accessibility needs:

  • Homebound chronically ill alcoholics and elderly members homebound, in assisted living & nursing homes cannot attend regular meetings and need meetings taken to them.
  • A.A. members who are blind or visually impaired may need help with transportation to a meeting.
  • A member with a physical disability must find a meeting with wheelchair access.
  •  Deaf or hard-of-hearing member may be able to get to the meeting, but needs a sign language interpreter in order to understand what’s being shared.

TVTAC Telephone Service (208)-906-2745
The TVTAC Telephone Service is not the AA Hotline!

Mail to:

P.O. Box 143
Meridian, Id. 83680
“Pink Can” in memo if so distinguished for

If you need a member of Alcoholics Anonymous to contact you to talk about recovery