Treatment Centers

Statement of Purpose

The TVTAC Treatment Subcommittee brings A.A. meetings into hospitals, treatment centers, and rehabilitation centers. Our main objective is to familiarize their patients with the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. We chair the meetings and encourage the patients to choose the topics of discussion and to share. We share our experience, strength and hope; what it was like, how we did it and what it’s like now. We don’t preach or counsel. We also express how important it is to share in meetings, get a sponsor and work our program of 12 step recovery.

TVTAC Telephone Service (208)-906-2745
The TVTAC Telephone Service is not the AA Hotline!

Mail to:

P.O. Box 143
Meridian, Id. 83680
“Pink Can” in memo if so distinguished for

If you need a member of Alcoholics Anonymous to contact you to talk about recovery