March 2024 Business Meeting Minute

TAC Business Meeting

March 16th, 2024

Attendees: Travis, Jared, Carissa Lisa Rose, David, Vivian, Christine, Kimmie, Michelle, Kathy, Jessica, Tom, Drii, Brandon, Christi, Autumn, Jason, Lorie, David P, Allison, Dave, Spencer

Open the meeting with a moment of meditative silence followed by the Serenity prayer.

Traditions read by – Kimmie

Introductions –

Minutes from the last meeting –

Motion to accept minutes as presented – Kimmie

Motion Seconded – Brandon

Motion passed

TAC Chair Report – Travis

  1. The Service Workshop is set for April 6th 11AM Alano Club. Picnic planning/ TAC service info workshop Brunch potluck. Spread the word!
  2. Introduce Jessica – Events coordinator. Michelle makes a motion for Jessica to be events coordinator. Jared 2nd. Motion passed.
  3. New opportunities for Service treatment and corrections.
    1. See report

Treasurer’s Report – Christine

See Attached

Motion to accept – Jared

Seconded – Kimmie

Motion passed

Are we a 501(c) 3?

Christine Made a motion to make TAC a non-profit

Tom 2nd

Discussion ensued-

Motion passed

Travis and Vivian are going to be on the new bank account.

Christine makes a motion to change checking accounts to reflect our new name with new officers.

Tom 2nd

Motion passed.

Corrections/Jails Report – Robert R (men)/Michelle B (Women)/Melanie

As always, we need more volunteers 😊 Please send any interested people to to fill out form!




  • Onsite meetings- requires PREA training
  • Guest speakers for correction facilities (one time per year, no training)
  • Correspondence- blind email or by writing
  • Zoom meetings

MURPHY JAIL: we have a male volunteer to do Zoom meetings- need backup.

NEXT TRAINING: IDOC April 18 (Thurs) 5-9pm, Ada County Jail: May 9 6-9pm





  • Get into Juvenile Facilities (CC), work release centers and additional prisons
  • Discuss group way of working the steps at correction facilities
  • Gather volunteers for:
    • Onsite meetings- requires PREA training
    • Guest speakers for correction facilities (one time per year, no training)
    • Correspondence- blind email or by writing
    • Zoom meetings



  • Robert is back so men’s meetings are more regular again, 1 new approved volunteer (Spencer)
  • MEN: CAPP (Mountain View) Saturday 9 a.m.- Robert weekly meeting + 1 volunteer
  • MEN: ISCC Thursday- Robert 1:00pm (not ISCI), Sunday- Roland (2 volunteers)
  • WOMEN: PRC 1st & 3rd Monday 6:30 p.m. – 7 volunteers (1 green, 6 in works, 1 pending)



  • No meetings allowed as of 3/12 until beginning of October.


  • Women’s Meeting (Melanie): Monday weekly- going really well, inmates would like to start the steps.
  • Asked if we know anyone who could bring in anger management and other types of meetings
  • Online training, personal interview with the Chief and background check.



  • Working with past volunteers to get things going here.
  • Currently- 1 male volunteer who takes people to a meeting. 1 female in the works.

TRAININGS (David updating on TVTAC- these were recently announced)

  • IDOC Training: No more sign up- just get there early as they shut doors when at capacity
    • April 18 (Thurs) 5-9pm IDOC CO (1301 N Orchard St Boise
    • June 14 (Fri) 5-9pm IDOC CO (1301 N Orchard St Boise
    • Aug 28 (Wed) 5-9pm NAMPA: TBD Location
    • Oct 8 (Tues) 5-9pm IDOC CO (1301 N Orchard St Boise
    • Dec 6 (Fri) 5-9pm IDOC CO (1301 N Orchard St Boise
  • Ada County trainings: May 9

Hospital/Treatment Report – Hannah

Treatment Center Coordinator Monthly Report – 3/16/24

Working On:

– Connected with Kathy from Intermountain to update and organize meeting format. The

current format is a little messy and the binder needs to be cleaned up. Please put aside

binders for me to use at Intermountain, Moonlight East Boise, and Lifeways. (3)

– I reached out to Northpoint to see if we can get a monthly or weekly meeting in there

with our volunteers. Currently they have alumni coming in to share their story but not

regular meetings, so that is on my list.

– Lifeways – I reached out to Jon from Lifeways to see if there is anything we can do to

support them with the meetings. I have had feedback from volunteers that they need a

more organized format so I will get with Jon to see what I can do best to serve that

location. I also have some old Grapevines that I will deliver to them when Jon and I meet



– I want to connect with Jessica from Dingalings to see if we can get some of our

volunteers helping with the picnic.

– Need to set a date for next Treatment Volunteer meeting.

– Our volunteers are doing a great job communicating with one another to get meetings

covered if needed. I’m going to see if we can all get on WhatsApp so we don’t have to

have three separate text chains going at once.

Bridge the Gap Report – Kathy C

We need BTG info at Allumbaugh and Intermountain


  • Had two applications for women coming out of Kuna PRC at the beginning of the month.

Several women volunteered to connect with them.

Phone App:

  • Nextiva is now active under the name of Treasure Valley TAC. There was a downpayment of

$29.20. We will have a monthly charge of $22.00.

o We are currently waiting for the old number to port. It should be taking effect any day

now. We did run into a few hiccups but Nextiva confirmed it is in process and Go Daddy

has approved the transfer.

o We need to decide what the new voice mail recording should be, as the old message

has been there awhile.

BTG applications

  • Brian let me know that a couple locations need applications. I have not been able to get over

to those locations due to unforeseen circumstances. Any help getting those stocked would be


Intergroup Report – Kimmie

Current InterGroup bank balance is $1000. Central Office deposited a check for $573.79 to bring us to $1000, giving us sufficient funds to plan fellowship events. 

The location for the Joe & Charlie workshop has been secured. It is planned for the weekend of June 21-23rd, and the Maple Grove Grange (11692 W Presidents Dr, in Boise).

Sherepta M was voted in as the Entertainment Chair and would love to have someone as a co-chair. She will work with BACYPAA as they plan the Lefty Callahan raft race that will take place this summers more details to come.

Open Positions: Co-Chair, Entertainment co-chair, and Newsletter Editor & Co-newsletter editor.

A bylaws committee will be formed to review and update the bylaws. Last reviewed in July 2022.

If your home group does not have an InterGroup Rep or even know what that is, here is some more information about it:

Intergroup membership consists of Representatives from each registered A.A. group. Each group is eligible to elect one home group member to serve as Intergroup Representative (IGR). The purpose of the IGR is to: 

 1) attend monthly Intergroup meetings where they will have one vote to set policies and direct services, 

 2) announce Intergroup activities at the Home Group to keep the fellowship informed and foster unity through encouraging participation and volunteers as needed, 

 3) facilitate two-way communication between their Home Group and Intergroup, and 

 4) serves as the voice of the Group Conscience of their group in matters affecting other groups or AA as a whole, expressing this voice to Intergroup, as an Intergroup member.

InterGroup meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6 pm on Zoom.

Accessibilities Report – Jared

Gathering info- Putting together a survey, flyers with a QR code, more resources to come on TAC website.

Events Coordinator Jessica D – Flyers and tickets are printed and ready to go.

Webmaster Report – David

Website has been moved over.

Initial 4 years $191.52 + $17 domain transfer fee

Renewal $431.52

Domain approx. $25 annually

1st 4 years is $391.52

Renewal will be $631.52

David makes a motion to charge cpc/pi $75 every May for half of the website cost.

Christine 2nd

Motion passed

CPC/PI Report – Collette has stepped down / Open

Grapevine Rep – Any thoughts?

Literature– Allison is still filling in.

We have received all of our 1st Quarter Book Order. All of the books are received, stamped and ready for distribution. Here is the 1st quarter book order summary and book inventory as of March 8, 2024.

Best wishes to all and thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

Book ID (case)

Book Name

1st quarter order

Total in stock 3/8/24

B-6 (20)

Came to Believe



B-7 (50)

Living Sober



B-12 (40)

Daily Reflections



B-13 (20)

AA in Prison: Inmate to Inmate



B-15 (20)

Twelve & Twelve Softcover



B-16 (20) 

Big Book (Large Print)



B-18 (20)

As Bill Sees It (softcover)



B-24 (20)

Big Book (Large Print Abridged)



B-30 (20)

Big Book (Portable Softcover)



B-35 (40)

Big Book (Pocket Size)



Grapvine BI (30)

Grapevine Assorted Back Issues



Sub Committee Meeting Minutes:

Just an update from Saturday for those not in attendance:

Kathy and Brian have been working on the roll over to new service for BTG. $29 start up and 22 a month. Working out kinks and hopeful to be rollin in next week or so. 

Jessica from Dingalings has volunteered her services for Events coordinator. Subcommittee has agreed to support her fully. 

-full committee still needs to agree

Jessica reviewed what is necessary with Michelle and is really excited. She will be involving Dings in some capacity as well. 

Sub committee and Jessica have agreed to get tix printed and flyers developed. $5 tix, cookoff, raffle etc. same format as last year. Opportunity for more in the event if we have enough volunteers.

Review and update at TAC meeting the 16th

BACYPAA will be involved in some capacity but, this is a TAC event and any financial decisions to include them or another service organization will come at a later date.

There is much opportunity for workshops and get together a concerning service. There is workshop TAC will be holding April 6th. More information to come. 


Jess has 18 months and this is large undertaking. Lots of strew for early sobriety. We need to be super supportive-

This is a separate year from other events and we shouldn’t get stuck comparing to other TAC events.

We need to use all of our contact base and get rollin. We are 2 months behind.. 

Thanks everyone:

Workshops –

March 30th 12×12 Workshop at Mountain View Church on Cole @11am

District 5 Traditions workshop 4/20/24 1-3pm New Hope Church, 8585 West Overland Rd

March 30th potluck at Bogus Basin 10-3, meeting at 1pm

Old Business

  1. (Carissa) Archives might be moving and TAC could potentially use this space for literature storage or maybe even share the new space with Archives. Just food for thought. Do we know if this is happening?? 3.16.2024- NOT HAPPENING
  2. Business card idea – Is this something we want to continue to discuss? Still working on this idea- thinking super basic.
  3. Website has been switched over
  4. Kathy has been able to update BTG info on new service
  5. Sub committee meeting minutes have been sent out (please see Carissa email)
  6. Events Coordinator – Jessica D has volunteered and been working with Michelle.
    1. Intro
    2. Game plan
    3. How the committee can help- PRESALE TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE!
    4. Who else do we think should be involved if any?

New Business

  1. CP/CPI opening ongoing – Any traction?
  2.  ( – link to the guidelines- there’s a process for guideline amendments.
    1. We’ve had 2 instances in the last couple of weeks that volunteers have gotten coverage from people with less than 6 months in treatment facilities. (This cannot happen) Please update and educate through meetings, discussion etc.
    2. There are a lot of little details that are “in our heads” that we need to make sure is passed along or documented within the position.
  3. There are opportunities for volunteers at Snake river Detention in Oregon (open for discussion and more info to come)
  4. Eastside retention facility – East Boise low security – Training is similar to corrections but, back ground is not done? Will coordinate with Michelle once more info is known.
  5. Walker Center, Gooding, Jason- encourage participation.

Carissa makes a motion to give literature to Pathways crisis center- motion tabled pending more information.

Motion to adjourn – David

Second – Tom

NEXT MEETING April 20, 2024 at 10 a.m. It will be a hybrid meeting with in person attendance at the Alano Club (3820 Cassia Street, Boise) and Zoom attendance options.

Zoom Meeting ID 836 4495 5858

Zoom Password 605450 (not required)