May 2024 Business Meeting Minutes

Treasure Valley TAC Business Meeting


Attendees: Michelle, David, Jennifer, Carissa Kimmie, Debbie, Hannah, Kathy, Travis, Tori, Dayna. Tom, James, Steve, Jason, Anthony, Jessica

Opened the meeting with a moment of meditative silence followed by the Serenity prayer.

Traditions read by: Hannah

Introductions –

Minutes from the last meeting – not read

Motion to accept minutes as presented- Kathy

Motion Seconded – Kimmie

Motion carries

TAC Chair Report – Travis

  1. TAC picnic announcement at meetings and other platforms
  2. Service ops (literature and cpcpi)
  3. Men’s meeting peeps reaching out for prison ops-Caldwell, Nampa and Middleton crew.
  4. Treatment alumni into meetings?
  5. Research committees we could possibly help out? On our radar
  6. Q2 book order??

Treasurer’s Report –

Checking account balance $8445.70

  • $50 to TVICO for May TVTAC storage was returned and refunded due to incorrect address (Suite 105 was in advertently left off) – this occurred prior to set up of direct payment to TVICO account.
  • Recurring online payment to TVICO set up for monthly TVTAC storage
  • 501(c)(3) application submitted To IRS, letter of determination pending
  • Articles of Incorporation (nonprofit) filed with Idaho Secretary of State. $30 check still outstanding.
  1. Motion to accept- Kimmie

Seconded – Kathy

Motion carries

Literature Report – Alison

  1. No report
  2. Position open, she is a fill in.

Corrections/Jails Report – Robert R (men)/Michelle B (Women)

As always, we need more volunteers 😊 Please send any interested people to to fill out form!




  • Onsite meetings- requires PREA training
  • Guest speakers for correction facilities (one time per year, no training)
  • Correspondence- blind email or by writing
  • Zoom meetings


NEXT TRAINING: There have been more men reaching out- which we really needed. Thanks Travis and Coop!

  • IDOC June 14 (Fri) 5-9pm IDOC CO (1301 N Orchard St Boise)
  • Check your dates to see if you need to renew (1 year)





  • Get into Juvenile Facilities (CC), work release centers and additional prisons
  • Discuss group way of working the steps at correction facilities
  • Gather volunteers for:
    • Onsite meetings- requires PREA training
    • Guest speakers for correction facilities (one time per year, no training)
    • Correspondence- blind email or by writing
    • Zoom meetings



  • Robert is back so men’s meetings are more regular again, 1 new approved volunteer (Spencer)
  • MEN: CAPP (Mountain View) Saturday 9 a.m.- Robert weekly meeting + 1 volunteer
  • MEN: ISCC Thursday- Robert 1:00pm (not ISCI), Sunday- Roland (2 volunteers)
  • WOMEN: PRC 1st & 3rd Monday 6:30 p.m. – 9 volunteers (1 green, 7 in works, 1 pending- 1 going for Green card)



  • No meetings allowed as of 3/12 until beginning of October.


  • Women’s Meeting (Melanie): Monday weekly- going really well, inmates would like to start the steps.
  • Online training, personal interview with the Chief and background check.



  • Working with past volunteers to get things going here.
  • Currently- 1 male volunteer who takes people to a meeting. 1 female in the works.

TRAININGS (David updating on TVTAC- these were recently announced)

  • IDOC Training: No more sign up- just get there early as they shut doors when at capacity
    • April 29 (Fri) 5-9pm IDOC CO (1301 N Orchard St Boise
    • June 14 (Fri) 5-9pm IDOC CO (1301 N Orchard St Boise
    • Aug 28 (Wed) 5-9pm NAMPA: TBD Location
    • Oct 8 (Tues) 5-9pm IDOC CO (1301 N Orchard St Boise
    • Dec 6 (Fri) 5-9pm IDOC CO (1301 N Orchard St Boise
  • Ada County trainings: Fall/Winter- TBD

Hospital/Treatment Report – Hannah

  1. Treatment Center Coordinator Monthly Report 5/18/24
  2. Lifeways:
  3. -Communication has been a challenge but I have been in touch with Juliana and they are still trying to work out availability in their schedule where we can add meetings. Their concern is wanting to have meetings during times when there is nurse availability to add extra support for clients during meeting times and to support our volunteers. More to come….
  4. Northpoint:
  5. – Set meeting next week with program director Anthony to discuss weekly TAC meeting.
  6. – Goal is to add at least one meeting, possibly Wednesday evening, and then go from there. He sounds receptive.
  7. Allumbaugh:

Delivered Living Sober books. 

  1. – Received feedback that meetings are going well. Andrea, counseling supervisor wanted clarification on AA stance on religion vs Higher Power. Touched base with volunteers to make sure we are carrying the message of our own conception Higher Power rather than pushing our own beliefs.
  2. Intermountain:
  3. – Added two new volunteers to meetings.
  4. – Feedback from Kathy that meetings are going well and patients are appreciative.

Bridge the Gap Report – Kathy

  1. 1 phone call, very quiet month, added a section to the pamphlet for email.
  2. How do we get BTG info into all the prisons not just the ones we go into?

Intergroup Report – Kimmie

  1. The InterGroup treasury balance is $775.
  2. The Joe & Charlie Big Book study is coming up on June 21st-23rd, at the Maple Grove Grange (11692 W President Dr, Boise); $30 registration + $13 workbook (due by June 1st). You can call TVICO and they will take your card info over the phone, or go there in person. Can also send a check to TVICO.
  3. Founder’s Day picnic on June 8th at Tully Park, in Meridian from 4-9 pm. hamburgers & hot dogs provided; please bring a side dish to share. Speaker at 7 pm
  4. Smoke detectors have been installed at Central Office
  5. Evaluating whether to extend the Saturday hours at Central Office
  6. Bylaws are currently being reviewed.
  7. Open positions are a Lead for the Hotline and InterGroup Co-Chair

Accessibilities Report

  1. No report

Event Coordinator

  1. Everything is delegated, 154 tickets sold. Will reach out to everyone next week.
  2.  At meetings encourage basket donation and participation in the cook off, Anyone can do these! Emphasize this event pays for a lot of literature.
  3. Need a few more pop-ups.

Webmaster Report – David

  1. Our website has been successfully moved to a new hosting account.
  2. – The hosting account is valid through June 20, 2028, and is set to auto-renew about 14 days prior to expiration.
  3. The current renewal cost is $431.52 for four years.
  4. – Our domain expires on January 29, 2026, and is set to auto-renew at $16.17 per year.
  5. – Please note that there may be some transaction fees associated with renewals:
  6. 1. Hostinger, being based overseas, has resulted in ICCU charging an international transaction fee in the past,
  7. which is approximately 0.8%.
  8. 2. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) charges $0.18 per year when renewing a
  9. domain.
  10. If you need assistance setting up your email address on your phone or computer, please let me know—I’m more
  11. than happy to help. Additionally, if you wish to change your email password, you can do so through the webmail
  12. site.
  13. I’ve also created a redirect from to to ensure anyone using the old URL is properly directed

CPC/PI Report –

  1. Tom nominated Dayna to be the CPC/PI liaison
  2. Kathy 2nd
  3. Approved- YAY

Grapevine Rep –

  1. Position open


Old Business

  1. Snake River Corrections communication is ongoing

New Business

  1. Reimbursement for Carissa for Fall Assembly- send to Vivian
  2. Walker center in Gooding – needs support
  3. Pathways Crisis Center books?
  4. Zoom host access

Motion to adjourn – Carissa

Second – Dayna

Meeting adjourned at 

NEXT MEETING (June 15th) at 10 a.m. It will be a hybrid meeting with in person attendance at the Alano Club (3820 Cassia Street, Boise) and Zoom attendance options.

Zoom Meeting ID 836 4495 5858