September 2023 Business Meeting Minutes

TAC Business Meeting

September 16, 2023

Attendees: Jared, Kimmie, David, Colette, Brian S, Carissa, Ben, Steve M, Dave, Kathy C, Robert, and DJ

Opened the meeting with a moment of meditative silence followed by the Serenity prayer.

Traditions read by – David

Introductions – Steve M (Red House TAC rep) – welcome!

Minutes from the last meeting – Kimmie

Motion to accept minutes as presented – Kathy C

Motion Seconded – Robert

Motion passed

TAC Chair Report – Jared

  1. Attending the Service workshop today and the Fall Assembly in order to collaborate with other areas in Idaho and share best practices as well as raise awareness.

Treasurer’s Report – Christine

  1. No Report (out of the country!)
    1. Question about discretionary funds amount (currently $6766.44). Clarified that this is used for the Literature book orders. David pointed out that this amount was pre-book order, which was approximately $4000.
    2. Question – what is the source of the discretionary funds? Clarified that this comes from group donations and the annual picnic. Suggested making this line item more descriptive regarding what it covers.

Motion to accept – N/A

Seconded – N/A

Motion N

Literature Report – Alison

  1. No report

Corrections/Jails Report – Robert R (men)/Michelle B (Women)

  1. (Kathy) Process to get women into the prisons is underway; still locked out of Ada County (staff and internal issues).

Hospital/Treatment Report – Travis

  1. Things are going well with nothing new since last month to report.

Bridge the Gap Report – Brian S.

  1. Things have picked over the last month and have received quite a few new applications from prisons and treatment centers. Nothing new from Ada County Jail for quite some time but without volunteers going in, historically, this does affect that. Brian is in contact with the people running the programs and will reach out to confirm BTG pamphlets are still being distributed to the dorms. Does anyone know folks from the Weiser, New Plymouth, Parma, Payette, Fruitland areas, who would be available to Bridge?
  2. (Kathy C) – discussion about a suspected disconnect between folks in IDOC and how the BTG applications work. Brian clarified the process. Also suggested that BTG applications be available in group literature racks.
  3. Address on the BTG application on is a Boise address whereas the printed copies Brian has have a Meridian address. This should be consistent.

Intergroup Report – Kimmie

  1. No report

Accessibilities Report – open position

  1. No report


  1. Nothing at this time. Hopefully we will get the Event Coordination position filled ๐Ÿ™‚

Webmaster Report – David

  1. The website has a minor facelift, mostly related to performance. We will be able to gather website visit statistics. David does have a new position in District 4 and would eventually like to step down as web servant for TAC. Has someone interested who has a lot of web experience but he doesn’t have a lot of sobriety (however there are not any guidelines surrounding this in our current bylaws) at this point. He has been attending about 3-4 meetings a day this time around and seems serious about staying sober. ๐Ÿ™‚ David will talk with him and make sure he is available at election time.

CPC/PI Report – Collette

  1. Nothing new to report at this time other than CPC/PI Area West chair position is in need of being filled as it was vacated earlier than expected.

Grapevine Rep – Jamie S

  1. No report


  1. Service Workshop today and upcoming Fall Assembly

Old Business

  1. From the literature report last month – Coop suggested we bring literature to the monthly business meeting for people to pick up. Think about it and discuss it at the next meeting.
    1. Talked about who can pick up literature and suggestions for where literature should be available for chairs and coordinators. Ongoing discussion…
  2. (Carissa) Archives might be moving and TAC could potentially use this space for literature storage or maybe even share the new space with Archives. Just food for thought.

New Business

  1. A list of nominees shall be submitted to the Committee members at the regular October Committee business meeting. Nominations from the floor shall also be considered at the November election meeting. Voting shall be by written ballot or by electronic submission for each position with a simple majority deciding the winner. ( – link to the guidelines with positions and the requirements).
    1. Kathy C pointed out that we should be announcing elections coming up. Discussion about position requirements.
    2. There are a lot of little details that are “in our heads” that we need to make sure is passed along or documented within the position.
  2. The Guidelines are not signed. Discussion about who should sign them, do they need to be signed? It is in the May minutes that they were approved. David – Motion to remove the signature block from the guidelines; DJ Seconded; motion passed. Jared will send guidelines to Kathy C who will remove this block.

Motion to adjourn – Robert

Second – DJ

Meeting adjourned at 11:45

NEXT MEETING October 21, 2023 at 10 a.m. It will be a hybrid meeting with in person attendance at the Alano Club (3820 Cassia Street, Boise) and Zoom attendance options.

Zoom Meeting ID 836 4495 5858

Zoom Password 605450 (not required)